Professional trading meets data science

For ING we've spent 21 flights and 15 prototypes to get to where we are now.  In close collaboration with some really smart data scientists and engineers, we've created a powerfull AI trader analytics tool in an UX matter.



Diary studies & empathy

In order to meet the needs of the immensely fast-paced environment and the motivations of the end-user, we needed to take a deep dive into the field of trading. We spent dedicated time to get familiar with this exciting, high demanding environment. Rings, bells, dings and dongs, you only know once you have been there!


Datavisualisation = UX

We created tailor-made visualisations for easy human processing and completing trader's tasks in a most efficient way. Data visualisation is not about creating beautiful graphs, rather about showing the right, and right amount of, data to the target user. Looking at it from this perspective, tailoring the visualisation of showing the right data, in the right way, is a complex but pure UX process.


Global recognition

Our process was so successful that ING couldn't decide otherwise, than to take it international and use it all across the trading board. Right now the application is in production, being delivered to all traders in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands. This not only makes us humbly proud, but has caused quite a stirr in the pressrooms of the Financial Times, Bloomberg and more than 16 others.


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